Kanab's easiest recycling solution!

  • Only $20 per month for weekly curbside pickup. Use your own containers or we can provide one for you.

  • Home, Office, Commercial and Event Recycling

  • We accept paper, cardboard, plastic, glass and cans. We ask that paper be separate, and sorting your recyclables is greatly appreciated.

  • Blue Sky Services has provided curbside pickup for Kanab since March of 2004, and offered services to Southern Utah since April of 2003.


Why sign up for curbside service?

By signing up for curbside service, you keep recycling available by generating revenue to cover the expense of handling and transporting the material to recycling facilities.

Why not offer more drop off sites?

Unfortunately, the return on material alone is not enough to cover the expense to process and ship the material to be sold.  

Where does the recycling go?

Currently, glass is shipped to Momentum Recycling in Salt Lake City, while other items (paper, cardboard, plastic, and cans) are transported to Five County Recycling right here in Kanab, where it is processed and delivered to the end user.

What if we're having a community event and need recycling services?

Blue Sky can offer customized recycling services at your next event.  Just contact us with specific requirements.